Welcome at the Abraham Hans museum!

You will learn everything about:

The history of the protestant community of Horebeke from the 16th century till today.

The life and work of the popular Flemish writer Abraham Hans (1882-1939) whose place of birth was the local protestant school, now the museum.




Location: Abraham Hansstraat 3
B-9667 Horebeke
Postal adress: ds. Simon Van der Linden
Korsele 40
B-9667 Horebeke
E-mail: ds.s.f.vanderlinden@gmail.com



Opening hours: On Sundays from 2.30 - 5.30 pm. Closed from November 1 to March 1.
Other times: For groups and outside the museum opening hours after appointment with:
ds. Simon Van der Linden
Tel. 055/61 33 52
E-mail: ds.s.f.vanderlinden@gmail.com
Rates: The museum during opening hours: € 3,00.
Guided visits of the protestant site (museum, churches, graveyard): € 4,00.



Database of genealogical information

The museum keeps a genealogical database covering all people having lived or played a role in the protestant community of Horebeke.

Contact us by e-mail or letter at the address of the museum.












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